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Are you enticed by the finer things in life? Perhaps that unique travel itinerary like no other?

Ever wanted to partake in an actual truffle hunt in the Tuscany countryside? Maybe visit the legendary Christmas Markets of Europe? Even launch golf balls off a 1,700 ft South African savannah cliff! Or simply sail the Caribbean on a seclusive 5-star yacht while being overwhelmed in world-class cuisine and Michelin Star rated service. If so than you’re a prime candidate of becoming a loyal House of Traveler!

The world is your oyster and at House of Travel we are your dedicated travel source delivering you to all corners of the globe. Be apart of it today and discover how unique our world really is! 

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House of Travel Offers the World

Founder and passionate traveler, Brenda Abrahamson has created a niche like no other. With over 40 years of experience and networking under her belt. Brenda has built a solid foundation of loyal clients and repeat customers she refers to as ‘her family’. With so many years of experience trekking the globe, she’s able to create the most lavishing and unique travel itineraries within the industry – at a cost effective rate. She’s mastered and honed her networking skills down to a fine art enabling her to develop the best travel opportunities money can buy.

With a university degree in world history, Brenda has applied her passion of culture, history, cuisine, wines and old world liquors into all her travel options.


Why Choose House of Travel?

Brenda, unique by nature, is dedicated to unearthing the unknown regions of the globe while bring them directly to you. With this she’s able to incorporate fascinating one-of-kind tours and excursions not available to most major travel companies. Furthermore, because of this steadfast approach, Brenda has now concreted herself and her travel empire into one of the most reputable and successful travel companies in the industry.

Brenda prides herself on research research research! With such vast knowledge of the globe Brenda is able to discover the new, untold and mysterious locations. All cloaked in her elegant boutiquey style of luxurious accommodations, filled with 5-star cuisine options (even down to the legendary street vendors of the world), private wine & liquor tastings (when applicable) have easily made House of Travel’s grand and adventurous travel packages the crème de la crème within the industry.


Are You A House of Traveller?

Don’t be fooled by other inexperienced and ‘so called’ travel professionals that make empty promises they can’t deliver. House of Travel has built its reputation over three decades by providing our clients the best of the best money can buy. And by booking with House of Travel today. You too will find yourself viewing the world from the perspective of a seasoned professional like Brenda.

Let’s take the plunge and join the House of Travel family of globe trotters and discover something new together!

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